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What Is RISE?

RISE Speaking & Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to alcohol and other drug issues by addressing four essential pillars: Recovery, Intervention, Support, and Education (RISE).

Recovery: the process of receiving treatment or alleviation from addiction or a negative event

Intervention: a drastic move to make changes in our lives or in the lives of loved ones or colleagues

Support: the act of lifting others and helping them through difficult chapters in their lives

Education: providing information and resources to those who need additional guidance

Learn How To:

  • Avoid the Path to Addiction & Discover Why it is Easier Than You Think
  • Instantly Apply Effective Drinking Solutions, Avoid Addiction Pitfalls, & Honor Personal Integrity
  • Utilize Advanced Techniques to Maximize True Worth & Eliminate Internal
  • Eliminate Male Violence, Dismantle Antiquated Male Roles, and Crush Ego-Driven Motives
  • Eliminate Internal Debris

What Makes RISE Different?

Our cutting-edge program offers a better and more defined set of tools to effectively deal with AOD and other issues. Our interactive program educates university students, administrators, and businesses on the issues of AOD use and misuse, leadership development, and men's issues. The core focus is to successfully eliminate self-destructive behaviors and to improve cognitive awareness of addiction, violence, sexual assault.

Past Engagements

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