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Welcome To RISE

Discover The Next Generation Of “Harm Reduction*” Programs

RISE is a full service speaking and consulting firm that helps businesses and schools better identify and deal with issues related to alcohol and other drug use, abuse, and addiction.

According To Research:

  • 20% of college students qualify as “alcohol dependent” according to the DSM V.
  • Almost half of today’s college students engage in high risk drinking choices.
  • American businesses lose over $134 billion every year because of alcohol and other drugs
  • Over 15% of U.S. workers report being impaired by alcohol at work at least one time during the past year, and 9% of workers reported being hung-over at work.
  • 21% of college students report experiencing a serious personal problem as a result of alcohol or other drugs.


This program will help your staff be better equipped to understand the path to addiction and how to help students and colleagues from venturing farther down that path.



American businesses lose over $134 billion per year in lost productivity due to alcohol & other drugs. It’s time that you address these issues in the workplace.


High School

Randy uses humor and real life experiences to educate students on the dangers of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and abuse. Discover how to just say no!



RISE Consulting Packages are for businesses and universities that are seeking innovative approaches and tangible solutions to alcohol and other drug (AOD) issues.


Party With A Plan®

This harm reduction program gives students the tools they need to make low risk choices when consuming alcohol.